Inflation v. Deflation

Inflation and Deflation are 2 sides of the same coin. It's actually more common (and possibly more damaging?)to be consumed by deflation as it can seem humble and even "righteous". Regardless, both are out of touch with my true worth.

Unconditional Love? No Such Thing

There is no such thing as "Unconditional Love" Love is by definition unconditional and can be nothing else. If it's conditional it is not love, it is approval.

Living a Borrowed Life

One of the Hebrew word for grave is "Sheol". The 3 letter root of this word שאל is the same as the word "borrow". Every time I define myself by another person, every time I borrow my identity from your opinion, from your judgment, I turn on myself and step into the grave of a borrowed life. Living a life borrowed from others is a betrayal of the divine life force that is yours and…