Emotional Infection – This is How it Happens

A physical infection happens when something that shouldn’t be there lodges itself in the body. When that happens there is irritation, inflammation and tenderness. Touch the infection and you will get a strong reaction.
An emotional infection happens when we experience a normal emotion (anxiety, sadness, anger, etc.) and OUR MIND TELLS OUR BODY that the emotion should not be there. It experiences it as an undesirable foreign element. Where the mind learned that is for another time, but the result is that there is now irritation, inflammation and tenderness around that emotion. It not only gets bigger, it becomes infected. The natural emotion now presents in ways that look different than the original core emotional experience.
And yes, it is HERE around this infection that you (and I) will find the TRIGGERS – the things that makes us react strongly and go OUCH!
This is the challenge. In the my next post I will share a solution, an approach that allows emotions to remain healthy and keeps the oozing puss at bay.